Advanced master classes, after which you will understand the entire grammar of a language and learn how to memorize 600+ words into long-term memory in one weekend.
Foreign Language School
For many years we have been teaching students to use the best techniques of UN translators and polyglots. We help students fall in love with the language and enjoy the learning process. Understand all the grammar of any language in 2-14 days, learn 600+ words in long term memory, get scholarship or grant for study or project abroad. In our webinars you will get all the information you need.
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Language Weekend: Grammar
In this master class, you will learn how to create your own grammar map and understand the entire grammar of any language in 2-14 days with the help of our unique exercises.
Language Weekend: Vocabulary
In this master class, you will learn how to learn 600+ words in long-term memory in any language using two unique methods, one of which is created by Arina and represented at the Global Polyglot Gathering. All methods are based on scientific studies from the best universities in the world.
Language Weekend: Grammar + Language Weekend: Vocabulary.

You will also receive exercises developed by UN interpreters to get rid of the accent in any language and a lesson on articulation exercises to activate the mouth muscles responsible for correct pronunciation in a foreign language
Some students' results from past workshops:
The 28th of August 2023
About the author:
Arina Earth

Graduated from the University of Vienna in Austria as a professional linguist and translator.

Polyglot: 6 languages, 5 of them at the level C1 (advanced), C2 (native speaker)

Speaker at the International Polyglot Gathering

Tutored over 10000 students in Spanish and English

Worked with large international companies: Audi and Agrocosta Peru.

Lived, studied and worked in the United States, Austria, Ecuador, Panama and Argentina.
Language Weekend: Grammar
Permanent access
100 USD
Workshop on creating your own grammar map in order to understand the whole grammar of any language

Exercises for working with grammar maps
Language Weekend: Vocabulary
Permanent access
100 USD
The method "Creanguages" for learning 500+ new words in a Weekend

Association Method for learning 500+ new words in a weekend
Комбо: Языковые выходные: лексика + грамматика
Permanent access
180 USD
  • Language Weekend: Grammar + Language Weekend: Vocabulary + Extra Workshop with articulation exercises to improve your pronunciation
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